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Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Air conditioning has been a household necessity for quite some time now. It has started as a luxury for some homes and buildings but eventually became a necessity. This is because of the changing weather and climate. Having an air conditioning service in Phoenix handy in case the weather becomes warm is a more practical move.

Air conditioning units come in different types. The window model or wall model is the type of unit that is attached to a window or a wall. This can cool a room up to around fifty square meters. For areas without a window or if you cannot place a hole through a wall, you will need a split type model. This is done by placing the compressor outside the room.

The ducted system is meant for houses or institutions that are quite big. This is also called the centralized system. With this, the whole house or building is cooled up through the use of ducts built on the ceiling. Portable air conditioning units are usually small, thus can only provide cool air to smaller rooms or to an individual.

Air conditioning units can be quite pricey so it is best to maintain your unit well in order to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and save on money.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

“1. Keeps plants cut back around unit

Let's face it, outdoor air conditioning condensers are ugly and it seems that homeowners will do their best to hide them from sight. Plants, fences and trellises tend to be popular ways to go about doing this cover-up.

2. Wash pollen and other debris off condenser unit

If your outdoor air condenser unit is in an unnoticeable location, it's very easy to forget about cleaning it regularly. But you don't want to neglect this very easy chore. The condenser pulls in air, and when it does, pollen and other debris often cling to its exterior. This will restrict airflow and cause a decrease in cooling efficiency and perhaps even cause the unit to overheat.

3. Do not close any registers completely

With a two-story house the upper level is often warmer than the lower level even with the central air running. This is the case with our home, and knowing that hot air rises and cool air falls I figured I could easily balance the air temperature by adjusting the register (air vent) openings.

4. Change the filter regularly

Maintaining a central air conditioning unit is all about maintaining airflow. That is why it is important to regularly change the air filter on the system. Filter packages usually state a recommended schedule for replacement (i.e. every 90 days or so) but it really depends more on how much the unit is running and how dirty the air is. During hot months it may be beneficial to change the air filter more frequently. The process is often as simple as sliding the old filter out and sliding in the new one.

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