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Things That You Should Know About Your AC System

First of all, you must do constant checks to your air conditioning unit. Have a schedule where you personally will inspect the unit and see if it is functioning well. The ideal frequency is twice a month. This is to make sure that your unit does not conk out when you actually need it. Checking on your unit regularly will enable you to identify a problem at the onset and having it repaired immediately. This will keep your air conditioning unit running properly most of the time.

In line with this, regularly change your air filters. The function of the air conditioning unit’s air filter is to clean up the air that came from the outside so that when it is blown through the unit, the cool air will already be clean. This means that the dirt accumulates in the air filter and if the air filter becomes dirty, it is not functioning as efficiently. The air filter will work overtime and this means more energy will be used up. What you have been trying to save on changing filters will result to you paying for more electricity costs. To ensure that you are getting the maximum result of your air conditioning unit, check if your thermostat is in the right setting. It should be set at the cooling mode.

This may be a minor thing but make sure that there is nothing blocking the condensing unit. This is to ensure that air goes in the unit properly. So clean the surroundings around your air conditioning unit so that air flow is correct. To learn more about ac repair in phoenix that the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts offers click here.

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For cleaning, maintenance and repair, it is best to scout for the right air conditioning contractor. This will be the people who will be handling your expensive air conditioning unit so you must make sure that the HVAC contractor that you will be getting are efficient and trustworthy. It is important that you check on their background. Look around the community if many people trust the ac contractors that you are eyeing to handle your unit. If you can, you can even talk to them to know if they are happy with the work or not. Phoenix AC & Heating Experts recommends some of the following things you should know as well.

“#1 - Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC system is a must. Particularly when dealing with your A/C system, maintenance is of the utmost importance. Quite often, air conditioning service calls are related to lack of maintenance.

Air conditioning is very temperamental. Dirt building up on the filter, outdoor unit and in the evaporator coil located on top of the furnace is often very problematic to your system. This is because the air conditioning system operates based almost entirely on a pressure/temperature relationship. The airflow passing through the furnace fan, over the evaporator coil and over the condenser coils plays a major part in this relationship.

#2 - The Charging Your System Mistake

Often we are told that air conditioning systems are in need of charging. This may be true in some cases but is often misdiagnosed or the leak is not repaired.

#3 - It's Often An Electrical Problem

Air conditioning repairs are often electrical. Three very common problems are blown fuses in the service panel located outside near the condensing unit, tripped breakers at the main electrical panel and blown capacitors. Checking these items first could potentially save you a service call or at least provide confidence that you know what the service should be.”

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