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Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System

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However, the air conditioning system you have now could be damaging more than helping. Inefficient and outdated AC units can cause you to burn up during the summertime.

You have several options if you want to upgrade your cooling system and one of them is ductless AC. This type of AC unit has been around for a while, but it is often overlooked. Here are some of the reasons on how a ductless AC system can help you.

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Now that you have been equipped with information about the benefits of ductless AC, our team of experts here at Phoenix AC & Heating Experts can provide the installation services if you decide to update your cooling system. We will evaluate your needs and offer you beneficial recommendations that can ultimately save you money and time.

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A malfunctioning AC can make you and your family uncomfortable in the hot summer months. You can always trust us when you need effective and fast AC repair services in Phoenix, including ductless AC repair. Our contractors can provide maintenance, comprehensive troubleshooting, and emergency repairs.

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We have been providing reliable AC and heating services in the Phoenix metropolitan area since 2002. You can prepare for the summer heat by having an AC system tune up or maintenance service. If your AC system breaks down, you can call us anytime so we can inspect it.

Phoenix AC & Heating Experts can help you take advantage of the benefits of ductless AC. There are many different types of ductless AC units and we can recommend the best option for your home.

1. Improves air quality

Most duct AC systems promote the spread of invisible particles in the air, so you need regular cleaning to prevent them. On the other hand, ductless AC has extensive filtration that can eliminate numerous particles in the air that affect your home’s air quality. Furthermore, this system is a lot easier to clean.

2. Money savings

Maintaining a cool home during the summer can be expensive. One of the main reasons for this is the inefficiency of your AC unit. It can help you substantially reduce your electricity payments when you update to a ductless AC system as it uses far less energy. According to reports, you can save as much as 30% every month if you switch to ductless AC.

3. Better for the environment

Ductless AC has increased efficiency that can help to significantly lessen your carbon footprint. Our licensed contractors here at Phoenix AC & Heating Experts can strategically place the units in multiple rooms, and each can run independently. This means you can run a unit in a certain room without cooling the areas you are not using. Moreover, every component uses less energy than traditional AC units.

4. Increases Comfort

When you have a ductless AC system, you can decide where to place the units and how many of them you want. You can put them in any area of your home without any kind of major demolition. Different parts of your home have different temperatures. One room is usually cold while another can be burning up. Because of this, your home needs more than the usual total home AC system. You can place the ductless AC units in areas that are consistently warm to adequately regulate the temperature.


5. Satisfies everyone’s temperature preferences

The members of your family may have different preferences on what temperature the house should be. One may be scorching while another is freezing. This can be extremely difficult when your AC system would only allow you to change the temperature for the whole house. With a ductless AC, you can set the temperature for each room and avoid disagreements.

6. Silent operation

Other AC systems can be noisy, so it can be disturbing when you simply want to relax. When you opt for a ductless AC system, we will install the major parts outside your house, which means you will not be able to hear most of the noise during operation. You probably will not even realize that the AC is on while enjoying the cool air.

7. Requires little installation

Ductless AC units require little effort and time to install and our contractor can get it done for you in significantly less time than traditional AC models. Installing large ducts may take several weeks to finish, so it can create disruptions in your home. Ductless AC takes less time to install and requires little changes in your home.

8. Ductless heating

When we install this new equipment, we will not just update your AC, but also update your heater. The same benefits of comfort, efficiency, and personal control apply to heating your home. Ductless AC and heating systems will help reduce your electricity costs during the summer and also in the colder months. This is a comprehensive solution that can help your family throughout the whole year.