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For installation of a new unit in your property, let us inform you that we have dealt with different makes and models in the past. So whatever you have there, we are ready to install. In addition, we are a company that goes beyond average expectations. We’ll help you out with how you can save energy and spare some more for your bank account. We also spend time with our customers to browse through our catalogue to find the best AC unit to install or to replace their existing.

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Why You Need a Comprehensive Energy Savings Estimate

One of the things that you need to know as an AC user is how you can keep your energy bill down. One way is to change an old unit because old units are simply terrible at keeping consumption low. Why?

  • They tend to accumulate dirt more, which means, if you will stick with an old unit, you will have to replace filters more often than usual. Besides this added financial burden, your HVAC will have to work more to cool your place due to easy clogging of filters.
  • A result of the wear and tear process, old units have condensers and evaporation coils that don’t do their job as efficiently like they did when these units were still new. Constant repairs on these units can also compromise the efficiency of these parts.
  • A worn-out machine can keep the bills up if water is allowed to accumulate at its base and left there for long periods of time. Though regular cleaning can ease the problem, you might have to battle with health hazards related to mold formation and release of CFC fumes.

An attempt to have a fair energy-saving estimate for a property is far more than just knowing how efficient the HVAC system is. Our estimating team will determine the full range of items that affect the energy efficiency and performance of your home or business.

So after dealing with the equipment, we will go to certain parts (windows, walls, doors, etc) of your home and check insulation too. We will also include the duct and duct blowers in the evaluation. For the comprehensive inspection, we will use a thermographic camera.

After that, we will give you our findings and recommendations. We sincerely hope that all recommendations and advice will be followed.

Our 5 Step Process

We maintain a reliable installation process that we’ve used for many years now. It is a quick process that allows customers to be informed and able to keep track of the steps. If nothing goes wrong along the way, the unit can be made to start working within 24 hours from the time the call for service was made.

  • Call Us for a Free Estimate – Give us a quick call to inform us of your installation request and your address. Also, tell us your convenient schedule. We operate on a “no estimate, no go” policy.
  • Our Technician Is Dispatched – A few hours after the call, expect our men to knock on your door. They will inspect your place for the energy-saving estimate and discuss with you the system that you want to install.
  • See Upfront & Honest Pricing – We need to discuss with you the cost of the service and equipment purchased from our us. You are free to get clarifications on unclear items on the quote. Our representative will give details about payment options, discounts and special offers.
  • Installation within 24 Hours – The best part of it is to see a new working system that can provide you the right cooling and heating that you need.
  • Let Us Know How We Did – Not really a part of the installation process, but from your part, you can let us know if the unit is experiencing issues that we need to personally check.

Why a New AC Unit from Phoenix AC & Heating Experts

We sell new AC units that we currently source from trusted brands and suppliers. Aside from the reputable brands, customers can get other benefits, including:

  • Keep your cost low – Getting a unit from us and having us install it will entitle you to a special pricing scheme.
  • Keep energy consumption low – We will give you a unit that matches your requirement – not more or less than what you need.
  • Low maintenance checks – Our units are the best units that we know of and it is easy for us to maintain them. It is therefore natural for us to charge you low for maintenance.

In our effort to show how much we value our business and the customer it serves, we continuously come up with attractive deals, so check them out. The coupon deals themselves are already pro-consumer, but you can have more with our tax credits and rebates. Keep yourself updated with coming specials.

For further questions, feel free to call us. We guarantee fast service!