Why Choose the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts

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At the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts we know that it is getting warmer and we are getting even more busy every day. As the temperature increases, air conditioning companies will get very busy. One of the main reasons is that this is the time that most air conditioning units are being turned on and this is when the problems start.

The extreme Arizona heat is very hard on any electrical equipment outside. Have you ever left batteries for your power drill and electronics in the garage. They are not in the direct sun, but the heat will shorten the life expectancy of these batteries drastically.

We recommend to homeowners and especially our commercial customers that they should get their ac units checked every single year. This is just a maintenance check up in most cases. Sometimes we find a problem and are able to catch it early before it becomes a really big air conditioning repair problem.

We run a special at the beginning of summer for residential air conditioning customers for tune-ups and new installation. Give the Phoenix AC & Heating Experts a call and we will get you scheduled for your tune up special before the summer starts or ends.