Ventilation Cleaning…Is It Worth Your Time?

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When it comes to ventilation cleaning, people have mixed views on whether or not it is actually necessary. The main thing people have concerns about with regards to getting your ducts cleaned is whether or not cleaning them will help prevent any health problems from occurring. Now it should be noted that none of the studies on vents have yielded concrete proof that vents that are not cleaned can lead to future health problems. However it is also important to note that these sorts of studies are relatively new and the whole arena is still in its early stages.

One thing that can be proven is that sheet metal, can indeed be a ground for mold. Often times the only way to tell whether you’ve got mold or not is through visual inspection. Unfortunately for most, many areas and sections of your ventilation is not visually accessible. Aside from ventilation cleaning for health reasons you may also want to do it for performance reasons as well.

Some people believe that a good cleaning will help improve the efficiency of your eating and cooling system. With no particles in the way, your entire HVAC system can more around much easier. This is particularly true for ventilation systems that are larger than normal.

Whether you decide to get your vents cleaned or not is strictly up to you. However, if you or someone in your household suffers from asthma or has a dust allergy, it might be a good idea to go through ventilation cleaning annually. This will significantly reduce the amount of dust in your house which will improve the health of you and your loved ones dramatically.

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